Greener Side Recycling Partners

Aim Copier Supplies are partnered with Greener Side Recycling to provide a recycling service for your used toner cartridges. This helps us to promote a circular economy and reduce our impact on climate change. Contact us for more information.

What happens to your used toner cartridges?

Path 1


Cartridges which meet our requirements after completing a number of tests and quality control measures are eligible to be remanufactured back to OEM standard and placed onto the market once again. Remanufacturing reduces the need for raw materials.

Path 2


Cartridges which don’t meet our requirements or demand but are still able to be used again will
be distributed to our Approved Recycling Partners. This avoids unnecessary cartridges ending up in landfill sites and allows them to be reused in other markets.

Path 1


Cartridges that have been damaged beyond repair are shredded down into smaller pieces of plastic and metal which are then collected by our Approved Recycling Partners to be recycled as raw materials. This process ensures our commitment to zero waste.

Each of these pathways help us to promote a circular economy and reduce our impact on climate change

What happens to excess matierials?

Our Approved Recycling Partners ensure that excess toner is reused in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Plastic is sent to polymer recyclers, where it can be remoulded to be used again, often into plastic pellets. Excess metal is sent to a metal recycler, where it can be melted down and re-used.

Contact us for more information about our recycling scheme.